Things To Do in Madagascar

While on a trip around the world, Madagascar is one place to see that will blow your mind. It is an island just a few hundreds of miles away from Mozambique. It is one of the largest Islands in the world. With its beautiful scenery, swanky mountains, parched canyons and golden shores, it is a home for many wonderful and unique species of wildlife.

Although, traveling can be such a bore especially if you do not know what to do. At Madagascar there are enough activities to keep you occupied for a few months, you just have to find it. You might say that your interests are quite peculiar as an excuse not go on that family trip. But, why don’t you give it a try and get to experience one of the best times of your life?

If you are on the Island of Madagascar, here are a few things to do to make your visit memorable:

  1.       Sampling Local Cuisine

Food is very essential. It is a common saying that ” You do not know a people till you have known/eaten their food”. It is part of who they are, it is culture. The indigenous Malagasy dishes comprises of either meat or seafood, vegetables, and rice. Some dishes you can look out for are Romazava, Koba and kabaro While washing it down with a cold local three horse beer.

  1.       Visit the parks and resorts

Madagascar has so many parks and each is unique with its qualities and entertainments. Some have really rare wildlife, sceneries, and rivers and yes, lemurs too. Nosy Be is a good place to start in terms of resorts because it is the busiest and biggest resort and also one of the best.

  1.       Take a walk in the stone forest

You have not visited Madagascar till you see the Limestone karsts of Northwestern Tsingy de Bemaraha National park. Almost 200 million years ago, an enormous plateau was created when the limestone sea bed pushed upwards. With time, the plateau was weather-beaten such that it became an impenetrable forest of limestones with canyon and waterfalls making it quite a beauty.  

  1.       Sign up for Scuba diving

You could go swimming with fishes, not the grim kind though. Especially if you are a lover of nature, learning how to scuba dive is a way for you to explore nature at sea. With the Multitude of fish in their different colors and sizes. A day at sea will broaden your perspective to the beauties of the world.

  1.       Search for Lemurs

Searching for lemurs is an activity the kids would love. The lemurs are quite a unique creature commonly found in this area.  This creature has almost a 100 different species like Indri, aye-aye, cat-like fossa etc. and they are housed at parks like Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and Ranomafana National Park.

  1.       A trip down Baobab Avenue

The View on this road is breathtaking. Although the description may not quite do the location justice it is enough to pique your interest. It is located in the nearby pastures between Morondava and Belo Tsiribihina with a row of 20-25 imposing baobab trees along an 853ft stretch of the road.

This avenue is one of the many beauties of Madagascar

  1.       Some Time at the Beach

What a visit to Madagascar without some time at the beach, you can spend the time swimming, surfing or just watching the whales. As a tourist, most of the luxury accommodations are private beach bungalows which give you an exclusive view and access to the beach. You could get a tan or watch the nesting turtles. Since the Island is only accessible by both, you can explore different beaches and parts of the beach.

As you spend the time exploring the Island don’t forget to make some friends too. You never know when it might come in handy especially when you need a buddy to hang out with. You can never be bored or run out of activities in Madagascar.