Places to Visit in Los Angeles

There are famous, beautiful, and memorable place to visit all around the world and Los Angeles is not left out. There is an endless list of insightful, breathtaking and historic places to visit in Los Angeles, California.

The city commonly referred to L.A. is home to most of our favorite Hollywood stars. The city is so packed with places to visit that you might have a “choice problem” and if you decide to experience it all, it may take a while.

But Just to help you decide, here are some places to visit in Los Angeles, California (The City of Angels):

  1.       Stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame

In L.A. you could be any closer to some of your favorite Hollywood star. The blissful sight where over 2500 names of the entertainment world most renowned are eternalized in pink terrazzo and gold lettering. A walk there and you can almost feel the glory.

  1.       Visit the Getty Centre

For the lovers of art and creativity, a visit to the Getty Centre will be a dream come to life. The Centre is unique for its collection for artistic masterpieces and a breathtaking hilltop view of L.A. Some these awesome masterpieces are the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Rubens and Impressionist and the like. Also, some of the photography works being displayed are spectacular.

  1.       Go Shopping on Rodeo Drive

After watching Pretty Woman, added to the bucket list of every lady is to go shopping on Rodeo drive. So, if you are in L.A. now will be a good time to cross that off your dream board to visit the stores. If you can afford it, shop until you drop.

  1.       Some Time at the Beach

Looking to clear your head? Sometime in the cool breeze on the beach will do you a lot of good. This is not just good for you head, but for your body too especially if you want to get a tan. You could spend the time Swimming, surfing or even scuba diving.

  1.       Have A Jurassic Experience

Although the name is quite peculiar, this museum is quite safe and in no way like Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. The Museum of Jurassic technology has a plethora of scientific curiosities, unique sculptures and other artistic marvels to get you enlightened as much as keep you entertained. A friend of mine who owns a DFW-based pool remodeling Plano company just got back from visiting LA and told me it was definitely worth checking out.

  1.       Get schooled at Griffith Observatory

With its Gigantic telescope, you would think you could see the ends of the earth, but the building alone is a gorgeous sight to behold. At the Hall of the Sky and Hall of the eye, you get to observe the interaction between people and space. Even if you are not a fan of Space, a visit to this observatory is worth your while

  1.       Go to Disneyland

Disneyland is a place you get to see your favorite animated character and you can never outgrow or avoid that. Unless of course you choose not to have kids and you absolutely avoid your little nieces and nephews. Even as adults, there are a lot of rides like the Grizzly river run or you can bask in the music of New Orleans Square.

There are many other places you can visit in Los Angeles like the Watt towers and many other activities you can enjoy like a concert at the Walt Disney concert hall. But while you are doing this, the key is to have fun and enjoy it.