How to Visit the Caribbean on a Budget

If you are reading this, it means you like traveling and that is a shared enthusiasm. We all have a vision of what our perfect vacation should be. Catching some rays on the beach, climbing through the rain forest, mountaineering, Diving through the coral reef swarming with a vast species of fishes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Yes, that’s what a visit to the Caribbean will look like. It is like you are in paradise and visiting paradise does not have to cost you everything.

Most times the worry of the cost keep us from dreaming let alone going on that dream vacation. But, there are ways you can get to go on that trip you so desire be it alone or with friends and family. Some of the basic things to be covered when going on such trips include

  •         Transportation
  •         Feeding
  •         Accommodation
  •         Miscellaneous but essential expenses
  •         and of course, a few drinks.

Tips to consider when Traveling

  1.       Choose the right time of Year and Select the Island Carefully

If you are going to do this right, you must know the time of the year to travel and where to travel to. Plane tickets by low-cost carriers are usually the best advice for any tourist on a budget. Places like Barbados, San Juan, Montego Bay, Aruba, Bonaire, and Nassau are excellent targets.

It is not advisable to travel during the winter or during spring break because it is more expensive. Rather you can schedule your trip to fall within the time frame.

  1.       Evaluate the cost of living and Consider Exchange rate

Hotel, motels or resort. These are some of the options you have when considering the accommodation plans. Do not overreach your resources and stay within your financial limits. Evaluating the cost of living also includes the kind of plane ticket (First Class or commercial) or form of transportation (Ship Cruise) you use.

  1.       Don’t Overspend and Learn the art of negotiation

Don’t get distracted by souvenir and collectibles that you overshoot your budget. Sometimes the items being sold on the island are quite beautiful and eye-catching but you must always remember that there is a strict budget you must live by in order to survive the trip.

You have to learn to cut cost by haggling the price or negotiations. You can decide to jointly rent an apartment with your friend for as long as you are staying on that island.

  1.       Maximize public transport

To save cost, you can avoid taking cabs or taxis. You could opt for getting a rental car or just ride the bus. But since they are small villages and towns and you want to move around, you can choose to ride a bike which happens to be environmentally friendly or hike around the island.

  1.       Appreciate local food and drinks

Except you are allergic or non-tolerant of foreign foods and drinks, it is advisable that you take the local meals and drinks as they are reputed to be cheaper and delicious. The food is usually delicious as the Caribbean also has some exquisite cuisine you can try out. But these dishes will be less costly compared to foreign dishes or imported drinks e.g. Chicharrons (deep-fried pork rinds), fish fries and fish cakes.

  1.       Travel the essentials

Body essentials are very important and sometimes they affect the budget if not properly taken care of.  It is important you go with basics such as sunscreen, shampoo and your meds (if any). Because they tend to be more expensive here as such items are usually imported.

  1.       Doing Menial tasks

Although working here might require a work permit to work in the Caribbean’s, you can pick up small time menial tasks that can pay for some extra mini luxuries you might want to indulge in.

As you go on the trip, don’t forget to explore, learn and have fun.

Going to Gold Coast on a budget

Going to Gold Coast on a budget

Gold Coast in Australia is a remarkable destination for anyone to explore. The only downside to going there might be money. It can be a bit expensive, and if you don’t have so much to splurge, it may dissuade you from planning the trip there.  But wait it could happen in that small budget you have, and this is how,


It is the biggest worry most people have in the world, where to live. There are so many beautiful places to stay in Gold coast if you have enough money like Surfers Paradise, but since you are saving Coolangatta is a better option. Just because it is less expensive, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its advantage like having more peace.

You can also search for holiday apartments before you get there, this would be ideal if you are going as a group. You can make use of the kitchen in the flats and therefore avoid buying food in hotels and restaurants which can be expensive on your side.

If you are traveling alone, then you can opt for hostels. They also have kitchenettes that you can cook in and allow you to buy and have your drinks in the common areas.

Bring your bike

Having a flat terrain and beautiful weather that is bike riding friendly, is another cheap way to holiday in Gold Coast. You and your family or friends can explore the coastlines free of charge.

Consider coming with your bike, if you have one if not then you can hire one for the day.

You should also carry packed lunch; something like sandwiches would do and fill your bottle of water. It helps if you have water throughout without having to buy bottled water as you explore and take in the coastal views. Don’t forget to carry your swimsuits, when you are tired of biking you can enjoy a swim and relax on the beach. The advantage to this is that you are exercising as you vacation.

Bird Feeding at Currumbin

Yes, you read it well bird feeding, mostly done at the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary. The best part about this is that it is free. You will be amazed by hundreds of birds that come from the trees to eat the goodies that you will hold out to them. They usually tend to sit on someone’s head or climb up the arm. It would be a definite treat for anyone, and you can sit there and watch them enjoy life.

Hinterlands hiking

If what you want to have a taste of nature in Gold Coast, then going for a hike in the hinterlands is the best place for you to go. Vineyards, farmlands, rainforest reserves, and national parks are waiting to be explored by you; this will not cost you an arm and a leg, so it is a must do in Gold Coast.

Relax at the beach

You have gone to a place that has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, take time to enjoy it. You can carry a picnic basket, a ball, your swimsuits and head for the beach.

When you get there, you could use the ball and play with your family, take a walk or bring a book with you and catch up on some reading. Then have your picnic all for free.

If you don’t feel like doing any activities, then you could idle all day instead!

Don’t let your small budget stop you from enjoying what Gold Coast has to offer.